Imagining the next into being

About Us

Imaginisma is a new kind of incubator for remembering, contacting, and amplifying the aliveness and grace of being human.

Our Manifesto

Brave boldly into the heart of primordial human imagination

To birth new forms into being, for the sake of humanity and the Earth itself, we must be willing to let go of cultural ties, obsessions, and addictions to re-remember our human aliveness. We must be willing to go where AI cannot follow, toward a way of sensing and knowing beyond language.

Yet how do we step out of the limitations of language and our time boundedness? How do we deconstruct ourselves, our relationships, and culture itself and let emerge a new inhabiting of reality, a new ground for iterating the next epoch?

We hold imagination not as mere fantasy, but as a primordial capacity beckoning us beyond the ideologies and constraints of capitalism and postmodernism, to sense into fresh ways of being. To see possibilities yet unimagined, we must embrace disorientation and bring ourselves fully to the task of unfolding and re-emergence.

This business of peering into the mystery and midwifing emergence is not for the faint of heart. But it is a story as old as humanity itself.

Come back. Come back. Come back. It’s time we release ourselves from the shackles of invisible bondage, and reclaim our rightful inheritance of imagination.

“Civilizations never just happen. They are brought into existence quite consciously, with unbelievable compassion and determination, from another world. Then the job of people experienced in ecstasy is to prepare the soil for them; carefully sow and plant them; care for them; watch them grow.”

— Peter Kingsley


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